Poway Rotary Parade

55th Annual Poway Rotary Parade - Saturday, September 7, 2019


The 55th Annual Poway Days Parade will take place on Saturday, September 7th, 2019!  

Parade time begins at 9:00 am and starts from Pomerado Road and Poway Road and continues to Bowron Road.

Registration is open for the 2019 Poway Days Parade at the bottom of this page!

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Parade Rules


We want everyone to be creative, to present entertaining entries and to have safe community fun. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

  • With the exception of the Military Color Guard or official law enforcement entries, no entry or individual will be permitted to participate while carrying loaded weapons. Prop weapons cannot be drawn, pointed or displayed in any aggressive manner. No mock shootings, no drawing guns and absolutely no cap guns. Prop weapons must remain holstered at all times. Police are along the ENTIRE parade route to ensure safety.
  • Please DO NOT STOP along the parade route. All entries must keep forward momentum so the Parade will end at a reasonable time. Parade Pacers will be strategically placed along the Parade Route to assist you in maintaining your forward movement.
  • No entry or individual, will be permitted to throw or toss any type of item to the crowds along the parade route. Thrown items can injure spectators and entice children to run onto the parade route. Any entry throwing items will immediately be escorted out of the parade and will be banned from entering future parades.
  • Absolutely NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be allowed in the Staging Areas before, during or after the Parade, or, of course, within the Parade itself.
  • Smoking is prohibited within the Parade. If you must smoke before or after the Parade, please move well away from Staging and/or Dispersal Areas to protect non-smokers, and floats and costumes that may be flammable.
  • Your Line-Up Number must be displayed in clear sight on the RIGHT SIDE of your entry and at the BACK of your entry. Your Line-Up Number will help your Division Leader facilitate the sequential order for the Parade line-up and it will also help you for judging purposes. You will be provided your Line-Up Number at your assigned Check-In Station.
  • For Equestrians: Equestrian entries must provide their own clean-up crew to accompany them at the Staging Area, from the Staging Area to the Parade Route, on the Parade Route, and from the Parade Route back to your trailer. Clean-up crew must provide immediate clean up of all horse deposits.

Parade Guidelines


Two objectives for the 2019 Poway Days Parade are: 

To promote community spirit among parade participants, and to provide quality entertainment for parade spectators. 

The following guidelines will help you make your entry more entertaining and increase your chances of winning an award in your Parade division. 

First and foremost, entries should be entertaining. Take a good look at your entry: is it visually exciting? Is it appealing to all ages, especially children? Is it colorful? Innovative? Creative? (Remember, there is a special trophy for Creativity.) Is it in good taste? (This is a family event!)

Clearly identify your entry, with the NAME of your group or organization. Spectators want to know who you are. We suggest that you attach signs to your float or have people carry a banner at the front of your entry.

All entries especially floats, need to be viewable on both sides. All entries are encouraged to include music as part of their entry. Battery-powered boom boxes are excellent for this.

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